Copper clad aluminum magnesium wire
Diameter specification: 0.12 mm – 8.00 mm

Copper clad aluminum magnesium wire, commonly abbreviated as CCAM wire. Our CCAM wires are produced using the most advanced welding and copper plating processes. The copper layer uses 99.99% pure copper, which has high density and better conductivity. Our metallurgical bonding technology ensures that the copper cladding is evenly distributed around the aluminum magnesium coil along the wire, with excellent concentricity, and mechanical properties in accordance with the American ASTM B566-93 standard.
The second generation CCAM wire developed by our company is made of high-strength aluminum magnesium core, and the copper layer is made of 100.00% pure copper. It is lightweight, but has higher strength, 180-250 Mpa, and a density of only 2.85 g/cm ³ ,  The second generation CCAM is 30% longer than the first generation CCAM competitor of the same weight. Buyers can use our second generation CCAM welding wires to reduce costs by 30% while overcoming the low strength premise of being prone to breakage.

High frequency signal transmission
Preferred conductor material for cable TV coaxial cable;
2.50 Ω RF cable conductor material;
3. Telephone line, electronic line, computer printing line, network line, USB and other data lines;
4. Inner conductor material of micro coaxial cable;
5. Audio and video cables;
6. Power transmission;
7. Power cable conductor material;
8. Inner conductor of control cable;
9. Inner conductor of special cables for automobiles and locomotives;
10. Building wiring conductor materials;

Ordinary packaging:
Dimensions of spool: DIN 130, DIN 160, DIN 185, DIN 200, DIN250, DIN 400, DIN 500, DIN630, DIN 780;


1. What is the copper content of your product?
Our copper content varies depending on the wire, and in most cases our customers require a copper content of 3% to 8% for copper clad aluminum. No matter how much we end up with, our quality will ensure that you can use it properly.

2. What is the difference between copper clad aluminum(CCA) and copper clad aluminum magnesium(CCA)?
CCAM is based on the addition of magnesium to CCA, and the strength of CCA with magnesium will be better and less prone to fracture. The tensile strength of CCAM will increase exponentially compared to CCA.

3. What is your delivery date?
Due to our professional and punctual factory, our delivery time is typically 15 to 20 days. If you are in a hurry, we can increase the production speed for you, which will reduce the delivery time to 5-7 days or even less.

4. How much is the freight?
If you have a freight forwarder in China, we will ship the goods to Chinese ports free of charge. The inland transportation cost of Chinese Mainland is borne by us. Free ports include Guangzhou, Shekou, Ningbo, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. If your port is not on the above list, please consult our customer personnel to see if it is free.

5. I haven't bought anything from China. Can I buy it?
We cooperate with shipping companies. Our company has a professional transportation and delivery team. Our colleagues will help you and finally let you receive your goods smoothly.

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